Sheep Creek Trail

Sheep Creek Trail, the first part of the trail is steep, rises to about to 700 feet. Then declines into the valley, follow the creek in some places. Some places along the trail are lined with berries bushes. The trail is just below the road to the Iditarod Dog Camp.

Trail Time:  2.5 hours

Trail Distance: 3 miles

Trail Difficulty: moderate / hard

Trail Head: Out Thane road, Parking lot to the left (you will see a fenced off area with transformers/ power poles).

Dangers: Hyperthermia

Tips: The first part of the trail is the steepest. You can walk along the road for part of the trail. Once you get to the top, the trail forks left to a power pole. Cut down and to the left through the brush, about 30 or 40 feet. Follow the road down to the bottom, there’s a pull off on the right. Go down a steep, rocky, drop off (30 feet) and it connects back to the trail.

Sheep Creek Trail map

ShSheep Creek Trail 1