Juneau Hiking

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Find Juneau hiking trails in and around Juneau Alaska. Always tell someone where you going and when you expect to be back, and bring proper clothing and equipment.

Things you should bring on any Hike:
• Lighter or waterproof matches
• Water and Snacks
• Map
• Space Blanket
• Layers of clothes and Rain Gear
• Knife
• Flashlight
• First Aid Kit
• GPS or compass
• Whistle, Flares, or other Signal device
• Where layered clothing

Juneau Hiking – Downtown Trials


Juneau Hiking – Douglas Trails


Juneau Hiking – Lemon Creek Trails

  • Salmon Creek Trail
  • Lemon Creek Trail


Juneau Hiking – Valley Trails

  • Mendenhall Ice Caves
  • Thunder Mountain
  • Airport Trail
  • Brotherhood Bridge Trail
  • East Glacier loop Tail
  • West Glacier
  • Montana Creek Trail (ends at Eagle Beach)
  • Mt McGinnis Trial
  • Nugget Creek Trial (Trail head of East Glacier Trail)
  • Spaulding Trail
  • Auke Lake Trail

 Juneau Hiking – Out the Road

  • Eagle River Trail
  • Bessie Creek Trail
  • Herbert Glacier Trail
  • Peterson Lake Trail
  • Point Bridget Trail
  • Windfall Lake Trail


More Things to do in Juneau

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